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Good news awaits users of the First-BTC service, for whom the following cryptocurrency exchange directions are relevant: Tether (ERC20) USDT, USD Coin (ERC20) USDC, Pax Dollar (ERC20) USDP, (ERC20) YFI, Shiba Inu (ERC20) SHIB, and MakerDAO (ERC20) MKR.

32 network confirmations erc20

Now, the speed of enrollment of Ethereum protocol tokens will double, as only 32 network confirmations are needed to conduct transactions, instead of 65.

Fast Cryptocurrency Exchange for First-BTC

This updаte is a welcome event for those who use these coins for various purposes, such as trading or paying for services. Reducing the number of confirmations will make transactions much faster and more efficient than before, thus helping to reduce waiting times and increase the overall productivity of cryptocurrency conversion.

Exchange ERC20 network coins on the First-BTC website and save time on transfers. Choose a convenient direction on the main page of the resource and create applications. We are always open to cooperation!

First BTC — Making Crypto Easier!

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