The operation is performed in a semi-automatic mode. The duration is up to 8 hours. It requires the participation of an operator (see operator status).

Processing time is from 7:00-01:00 UTC + 2:00. Take it into account when creating applications.

The rate will be finally fixed only after we receive 2 confirmations of transfers by the Bitcoin network. Fixing will be performed depending on the rate deviation in the order to the WhiteBit exchange as a percentage. It is permissible to deviate from the current rate of the WhiteBit exchange as part of the course parser operation (1-2 minutes).
Term of enrollment: Usually, 97% of withdrawal payments are processed instantly, but sometimes applications can be processed up to 30-60 minutes. Withdrawals to some banks may take up to 72 hours. Sometimes the withdrawal of one application occurs in several transactions.
Our service strongly recommends that you familiarize yourself in advance with the formats of cryptocurrency wallets that we support, as well as the value of the minimum deposit.

Attention! An AML check of this transaction will be performed. In case of receiving funds with an increased risk, they will be frozen by the exchange and additional verification of the client will be required.

Exchange rate: 1 BTC = 956574.210156 UAH

min.: 0.00444294 BTC max.: 0.14635561 BTC

max.: 0.14635561 BTC

min.: 4250 UAH max.: 140000 UAH

max.: 140000 UAH

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Be sure to inсlude your valid email address when submitting an application!
Any changes to the application data are possible only through confirmation from the E-mail specified in the application.

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Exchange Bitcoin BTC to Ukrsibbank UAH

To make an exchange, you need to make several steps:

  1. Fill in all the fields of the form that we have provided. Be sure to inсlude a valid e-mail address. Important! It will be possible to change any data of the application only after confirmation using this mailbox. Click the “Exchange” button.
  2. Carefully read all the terms of the exchange. If you agree with them, then check the box and click “Create Application”.
  3. Make payment under this application. To do this, you need to transfer the required amount, following the instructions.
  4. After that, the systеm will redirect you to a page called “Application Status”. There you can see all information about the status of the current transfer.
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