The answer is that it is impossible to withdraw a transaction in cryptocurrency! Why? This is precisely the essence of the decentralized platform to which cryptocurrencies belong. In the case of a transfer, the information is stored in the blockchain forever.

Moreover, if you specify a non-existent address, in this case, the money will go nowhere. Accordingly, you should be as careful as possible when copying your wallet address. Only 1 incorrectly entered symbol and the coins will be lost. No one can help you get them back.

This is especially important in the case of operations related to Bitcoin, as well as its forks (Bitcoin Cash, Gold, Diamond, etc.). After all, not every user understands the meaning of the word “fork” and what is the difference between these cryptocurrencies. In addition, the addresses of such wallets will be similar, since the coins have the same roots because they are clones of the original bitcoin.

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26.03.2023, 16:01