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Online exchanger First-BTC continues to expand the possibilities available to users. The next cryptocurrency added to the service’s listing by its specialists is the APTOS blockchain token — APT.

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Take advantage of this new opportunity and convert APT on First-BTC. Our service is a round-the-clock support service, transaction security, and reliable exchange, proven by years of cooperation and tens of thousands of loyal customers.

A Few Words About APTOS

The release of the Aptos Web 3 project was a significant event in the cryptocurrency community. The main reason for such a bright launch was the technologies used by the developers in their product, namely “Parallel Execution,” which significantly speeds up blockchain operations.

The programming language used in the project is called Move. The Move smart contract verifier provides a higher level of security. Additionally, one of the features of Aptos is the use of hybrid key storage mechanisms.

Interestingly, some experts refer to Aptos as the “Solana killer” due to its high transaction speed and the project’s prospects.

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11.06.2023, 04:57