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Users of the First-BTC platform who invest in USDT and frequently convert the stablecoin have gained a new opportunity. The exchange service has added Tether trading on the Avalanche C-Chain network, once again providing even more flexible conditions for users.

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This integration further expands the possibilities on First-BTC, as the service now accepts USDT on the following networks: TRC20, BEP20, ERC20, SOL, and Polygon. This variety of choice, coupled with our efforts to prioritize user comfort and service universality, solidify our commitment to our users.

Why Avalanche C-Chain

The decentralized Avalanche blockchain consists of three built-in platforms, each catering to specific developer needs:

  • C-Chain – enables the creation of Ethereum-compatible smart contracts. This is the protocol we have integrated on First-BTC.
  • X-Chain – provides a set of mechanisms for creating and exchanging digital tokens and NFTs between subnets.
  • P-Chain – involved in validator coordination, metadata storage, and subnet control.

A flexible space for your exchanges

With a wide range of options for exchanging Tether, you can leverage the strengths of various ecosystems that are most appealing in individual cases. Explore the world of cryptocurrencies, discover new opportunities, and effortlessly convert your investments on First-BTC.

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22.09.2023, 00:21