Attention, dear clients! We urge you to carefully read and follow the main recommendations provided below to ensure the security of your transactions using electronic currency:

  1. Do not agree to participate in financial operations that involve using your bank accounts for the benefit of third parties. There have been precedents where users became involved in financial schemes without suspecting the malicious intent of those requesting the service.
  2. Also, remember the strict prohibition on using our service to send money to third-party requisites.
  3. Exercise utmost caution when entering the recipient's "Account Number" to avoid errors. Any mistakes made at this stage can lead to the unintended transfer of your funds to an unknown destination without the possibility of recovery.
  4. We advise against using services with no reviews from other users. The risk of encountering fraudulent activities in such cases is extremely high.

Additionally, we want to emphasize that our service does not accept donations, provide loans, or engage in investment storage. If you receive offers allegedly from our service, please contact the official First-BTC support team or send an email to [email protected].