Dear users! The systеm has been designed to provide maximum convenience and simplicity for each of you! But there are several points that it doesn’t take into account. For example, it is not able to predict the future or read the minds of users, as well as fix the additional amount sent to the address within the same application. In addition, the systеm doesn’t recognize a change in commission for transfers after they have already been confirmed.

Please don’t do this! Understand that you can fix the situation. But this will require additional time. The procedure is carried out manually and requires operator intervention. This will cause the operation to be delayed.

If you need to exchange a larger amount than stated, you just need to create another application.

Do you want faster transaction processing speed? Then you need to take care of this before sending coins.

But, if you still had to face the above errors – no need to worry. Just contact our support staff for help. You can do this via chat (the icon is located in the lower right corner of the site) or via mail [email protected]

Happy exchanges!

Night Exchange
10.12.2022, 06:35