Supported cryptocurrency wallet formats

Our service does not support sending and receiving coins via smart contracts. If you sent coins through smart contracts, they will be lost.

YOUR wallet may not have a tag/memo. In this case, the tag/memo can be omitted for GETTING.

In case of sending coins to OUR details, the tag/memo must be specified!

Ticker Crypto Network MEMO   Ticker Crypto Network MEMO
ADA Cardano Cardano     MATIC Polygon Polygon  
AVAX Avalanche Avalanche     NEAR NEAR Protocol NEAR  
APT Aptos APT     FTM Fantom FANTOM  
ARB Arbitrum ARBITRUM     FET ERC20 (ETH)  
LUNA Terra Terra     UST Terra USD Terra  
BAND Band Protocol ERC20 (ETH)     MKR Maker ERC20 (ETH)  
BAT Basic Attention Token ERC20 (ETH)     NEO NEO NEP5  
BCH Bitcoin Cash BCH     OMG Omise GO ERC20 (ETH)  
XAUT Tether Gold ERC20 (ETH)     SHIB Shiba Inu ERC20 (ETH)  
EURT Tether EUR ERC20 (ETH)     SOL Solana SOL  
BSV Bitcoin SV       TRX Tron TRC20 (TRX)  
BTC Bitcoin BTC     TUSD True USD ERC20 (ETH)  
BTG Bitcoin Gold Bitcoin Gold     UNI Uniswap ERC20 (ETH)  
BTT BitTorrent Token TRC20 (TRX)     USDC USD Coin ERC20 (ETH)  


Binance USD

ERC20 (ETH)     USDP Pax Dollar ERC20 (ETH)  
BSC (BEP20)    



ERC20 (ETH)  
COMP Compound ERC20 (ETH)     Omni  
DAI Dai ERC20 (ETH)     TRC20 (TRX)  
DASH Dash Dash     BSC (BEP20)  
DOGE Dogecoin Dogecoin     EOS +
CRV Curve DAO Token ERC20 (ETH)     ARBITRUM  
1INCH 1inch ERC20 (ETH)     OPTIMISM  
DOT Polkadot DOT     VET VeChain VeChain  
OP Optimism OPTIMISM     WOJAK Wojak ERC20 (ETH)  
SUSHI Sushi ERC20 (ETH)     WBT WhiteBIT Token ERC20 (ETH)  
SUSHI Sushi BSC (BEP20)     WBT WhiteBIT Token TRC20 (TRX)  
SUI Sui SUI     PEPE Pepe ERC20 (ETH)  
ETC Ethereum Classic Ethereum Classic     XLM Stellar Lumens Stellar Lumens +
ETH Ethereum ERC20 (ETH)     XMR Monero Monero  
GRT The Graph ERC20 (ETH)     XRP Ripple XRP +
ICX ICON ICON     XTZ Tezos Tezos  
LINK Chainlink ERC20 (ETH)     YFI ERC20 (ETH)  
LTC Litecoin LTC     ZEC Zcash Zcash  
MANA Decentraland ERC20 (ETH)     ZRX 0x ERC20 (ETH)  
TENET Tenet ERC20 (ETH)     FLOKI Floki ERC20 (ETH)