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Another attempt by scammers to impersonate the cryptocurrency exchange service First-BTC has been thwarted.

fraudsters' website blocked

This time, the wrongdoers tried to create a mirror site mimicking our official exchange service, aiming to extract users’ personal and financial data.

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of our experts, we were able to timely prevent this fraudulent attempt and maintain the integrity of our service. The scammers’ website has been blocked.

It’s important to highlight that through the analysis of suspicious activities and the enhancement of our technical security measures, our exchange service continues to raise the bar in terms of security, providing a reliable and secure environment for all users.

We thank you for your vigilance

We would like to specifically acknowledge users who take the time to report strange activities that raise suspicion to our service specialists. Thank you once again!

This underscores the importance of the partnership between us and you, our esteemed users. Together, we form a strong community where security and reliability are at the forefront of attention.

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02.03.2024, 09:04