Site rules

1. Acceptance of Agreement and Confirmation

1.1. This Agreement is considered accepted by the Customer from the moment of visiting our website ( and/or using our Services. By visiting our website and/or using our Services, the Customer acknowledges and agrees to the terms of this Agreement (including other documents). If the Customer does not agree to the terms, we kindly ask to refrain from using our Services.

1.2 This Agreement does not invalidate the existing legislation of the countries where the Service and the Customer are registered, as well as contractual relationships between the Customer and the electronic payment systеm(s).

1.3 The Agreement is considered accepted as a public offer, which the Customer accepts when submitting an Application. Information about the parameters and conditions of the Application provided by the Service is considered a public offer.

1.3.1 Acceptance of the public offer is recognized as the completion of the Application's formation by the Customer, confirming their intention to enter into a transaction with the Service on the conditions offered by the Service before completing the Application's formation.

1.3.2 Fixation of the acceptance: The date and time of acceptance, as well as the parameters of the Application's conditions, are automatically recorded by the Service upon the completion of the Application's formation.

1.3.3 Acceptance period: The period for the Customer to accept the Service's offer to enter into a transaction on the terms of the Application is 30 minutes after the completion of the Application's formation.

1.4 Commencement of the agreement: This Agreement comes into effect from the moment of completing the Application's formation by the User.

1.5 Termination of the agreement: The validity of this Agreement ceases from the moment of receipt of Electronic units in the amount indicated in the User's Application to the specified requisites, or from the moment of cancellation of the application.

1.6 Payment documents: The Service does not provide the Customer with financial documents (receipts, checks, acknowledgments, reports, etc.) for the provided services.

2. Security and Verification

2.1. Ensuring the security of the account: The Customer undertakes measures to ensure the security of their account, including:

  • Regularly changing the password and avoiding reusing passwords for other online accounts.
  • Immediately contacting customer support when prompted for the password by third parties.
  • Securing the email account, including promptly notifying customer support in case of email address compromise.
  • Following password management recommendations.

2.2. Account breach notification: If the Customer suspects that their account or other security information has been breached, stolen, used without consent, or subjected to any other form of compromise, they commit to promptly contact customer support and change the password. Any undue delay in notification may impact the account's security and lead to financial losses.

2.3. Cooperation during verifications: In accordance with legal requirements, we are obligated to conduct all necessary security checks and customer authentication to provide Services. The Customer agrees to provide the requested additional information and cooperate in the process of verifying the provided data.

3. Terms of Service Provision

3.1 Processing of Applications: The Service processes Customer's Applications in full compliance with the privacy policy (see section 7 of this agreement) and the policy against money laundering and illegal activities (see section 6 of this agreement).

3.2 Management of Service: The ordering of the Service, managing the transaction process, and obtaining information on the progress of the transaction are solely carried out by the Customer through the respective user interface provided by the Service.

3.3 Recording of Electronic Unit Operations: The Service maintains records of Electronic unit operations in accordance with the regulations, rules, and formats of the respective electronic payment systems.

3.4 Irrevocability of Completed Operations: Any completed operation conducted by the Service based on the Customer's Application is considered final and cannot be canceled by the user after its completion, including the receipt of the corresponding amount according to the transaction terms.

3.5 Engagement of Third-party Executors: The Service has the right to engage third-party executors to fulfill its obligations.

3.6 Termination of Application: If the Customer does not send Electronic units within 30 minutes after the acceptance to the details provided by the Service in the Application, the agreement is terminated by the Service without notifying the Customer.

3.6.1 Return of Electronic Units: If the agreement was terminated due to the non-receipt of Electronic units within the specified time, they will be returned to the sender's details within the next 24 hours. The commission expenses for transferring Electronic units will be covered by the Customer. The Service is not responsible for possible delays in the return process if they are not within the Service's control.

3.7 Application Recalculation: If the Customer sends an amount of Electronic units different from that specified in the Application, the Service must consider it as an instruction from the User to recalculate based on the actual received amount.

3.7.1 Termination of the Recalculation Agreement: If the amount of received Electronic units differs from the declared amount by more than 10%, the Service may unilaterally terminate the agreement and return the received funds to the sender's details within the next 24 hours. The commission expenses for transferring Electronic units will be covered by the Customer. The Service is not responsible for possible delays in the return process if they are not within our control.

3.8 Termination of the Agreement due to Non-payment: If the monetary equivalent is not sent to the Customer's specified details within 24 hours from the start of the contract, and there are no reasons for blocking the received Electronic units, the Customer may demand the termination of the agreement and return the Electronic units according to the Refund Policy.

3.8.1 Conditions for Cancellation of the Application: The request for canceling the Application must be executed by the Service only if the monetary equivalent has not been sent to the specified details at the time of receiving the request.

3.8.2 Return of Electronic Units upon Cancellation: Upon the cancellation of the Application, the Service returns the Electronic units to the sender's details within 24 hours after receiving the cancellation request. The Service is not responsible for possible delays in the return process if they are not within the Service's control.

3.9 Operation Cancellation: The Service may cancel an ongoing operation and return the Electronic units and/or financial funds to the Customer, compensating the electronic payment systеm fees, without providing an explanation.

3.10 Refusal of Further Service: The Service may refuse further service to the Customer in case of any violation of the terms of this agreement by the Customer.

3.10.1 Notice of Refusal: If the Service refuses further service to the Customer, it notifies the Customer of its decision via email. After the notification, the Service freezes the Customer's account and all current Applications. Then the Service returns the Electronic units received through the Customer's Application to the sender's details within 24 hours after the refusal. All commission expenses for transferring Electronic units will be covered by the Customer. The Service is not responsible for possible delays in the return process if they are not within the Service's control.

3.10.2 Freezing of Subsequent Applications: All subsequent Applications created by the Customer after the Service's refusal of further service are automatically frozen. Accounts related to these Applications will be blocked.

4. Refunds on Payment Instrument

4.1. The Customer has the right to request a refund of funds through the payment instrument in the following cases: if there is a breach of our Agreement by the company and/or unauthorized use of the Customer's payment instrument.

4.2. The Customer must ensure the availability of sufficient funds before processing the payment order: The Service will process the payment order only if we have received sufficient funds from the Customer. The Customer is responsible for timely funding of the Application. We are not responsible for any delays related to the transfer of funds from the Customer's bank or payment service provider.

4.3. The Customer must ensure the accuracy of the provided information: When processing the Application based on the information provided, it is considered executed correctly even if the Customer made an error.

4.4. The Customer must provide accurate and complete information to the Service when filling out the Application for fund exchange: The Service is not responsible for money sent to the wrong recipient due to incorrect information provided by the Customer. In case of providing incorrect information, the Customer may request a refund, but we cannot guarantee the success of such efforts.

5. Limitation of Legal Liability

5.1 Round-the-Clock Service and Optimization: The Service strives to provide its services round-the-clock without weekends and constantly works on the automation and optimization of the software-hardware complex and operators of the Service for maximum efficiency.

5.2 "As Is" Services: The Service provides our services on an "as is" basis, as described on the pages of our website, including unique conditions for transactions.

5.3 Limitation of Obligations: By using the Service, the Customer agrees that the scope of our liability is limited to the funds received from the Customer for the performance of this Agreement. We do not provide additional warranties and do not assume additional liability to Customers. Similarly, the Customer is not responsible for the use of our services, except as provided in clause 5.9.

5.4 Service Availability: The Service makes every effort to ensure continuous availability of services; however, we do not guarantee their round-the-clock availability. We are not responsible for any losses, lost profits, or other expenses arising from the unavailability of our website and services.

5.5 Responsibility for Banking Payments: The Service is not responsible for losses, lost profits, or other expenses caused by delays, errors, or failures in conducting banking payments or electronic transfers.

5.6 Responsibility for Financial Decisions: The Service is not responsible for losses, lost profits, or other expenses caused by mistaken expectations regarding tariff rates, transaction profitability, or other subjective factors.

5.7 Erroneous Data: If the Customer provides erroneous data about the sender's or recipient's payment details, the Service is not responsible for any adverse consequences or damages arising from this error.

5.8 Tax Liability: The Customer is solely responsible for paying taxes in accordance with the tax legislation of the country of residence. The Service is not a tax agent and will not inform the Customer about tax expenses when using the Service's services.

5.9 Compensation for Losses: The Customer undertakes to compensate the losses of the Service (management company, executives, and employees) in case of claims or claims related to the use of our services, except for losses caused by our actions.

5.10 Legitimacy of Funds Handling: The Customer guarantees that they are the owner or have legitimate reasons for disposing of the sums used in transactions on the Service.

5.11 Prohibition of Fraud and Illegal Actions: The Customer agrees not to use the Service's services for fraudulent and illegal operations and agrees that such actions will be prosecuted. We are not responsible for your illegal actions.

5.12 Harmless Use of the Service: The Customer agrees not to falsify communication flows or interfere with the normal operation of the Service. Violation of this policy will lead to legal prosecution according to the law.

5.13 Protection of Intellectual Property: The Customer acknowledges that the content of the Service's website is protected by legislation on property rights, intellectual property, and copyrights. Unauthorized use of this content is illegal.

5.14 Force Majeure Events: Neither the Customer nor the Service is responsible for delays or non-performance of obligations caused by force majeure circumstances, such as natural disasters, terrorist acts, civil unrest, and other similar events.

5.15 Responsibility for Electronic Payment Systems: Electronic payment systems and/or financial institutions are responsible for the funds entrusted to them. The Service is not responsible for the improper or unauthorized use of electronic payment systеm capabilities by Customers. Your rights and obligations with electronic payment systems are governed by the respective agreements.

5.16 Responsibility for Business Losses: The Service is not responsible to the Customer for lost profits, business loss, business interruption, or missed business opportunities related to commercial or business purposes of using our Services.

6. Compliance with Anti-Money Laundering and Anti-Illegal Activities Policy

6.1 Prevention of Illegal Activities: In accordance with international legislation, First-BTC complies with a set of rules and applies procedures aimed at preventing the use of the Service for money laundering and other illegal activities. We strive to prevent the re-entry of funds or securities of illegal origin into the market through our Service.

6.2 Preventive Measures: To prevent illegal activities, the Service applies the following preventive measures:

  • We adhere to the KYC policy (Know Your Customer).
  • We set transaction limits for the Customer based on identity verification and country of origin.
  • Our exchange for crypto deposits uses an internal systеm of automated transaction and Customer behavior analysis (fraud prevention systеm) that blocks suspicious transactions.
  • We verify all data provided by the Customer using available methods.

6.3 Requirements for Applications: To prevent illegal operations, we set the following requirements for applications created by the Customer:

  • The sender and recipient of the payment must be the same person. Transfers to third parties are prohibited.
  • All contact and personal information provided by the Customer must be accurate and truthful.
  • The use of anonymous proxy servers or other anonymous internet connections to create applications is prohibited.

6.4 Account and Applications Freeze: The Service reserves the right to freeze the Customer's account and all current applications until copies of documents confirming the Customer's identity and information about the origin of electronic units are provided if:

  • There are reasonable suspicions of money laundering attempts or other illegal activities.
  • The fraud prevention systеm has stopped the Customer's application.
  • The requirements presented in clause 6.3 of this Agreement have been violated.

6.5 Law Enforcement Actions: We reserve the right to provide all Customer data and information about transactions to law enforcement authorities in cases:

  • Where transactions violating the law are detected, including money laundering, financing of terrorist organizations, fraud, and other illegal activities.
  • When there is suspicion of providing a forged or invalid document for identity verification.
  • Upon receipt of information about unauthorized possession of electronic units or financial resources.
  • If actions aimed at damaging the Service's software and hardware complex, including theft of databases and other Service assets, are detected.

6.6 Information Verification: The Service has the right to verify all information provided by the Customer through various available methods, including identity verification and source of funds.

7. Privacy Policy

7.1 Protection and Confidentiality of Personal Data: We value the trust you place in us by entrusting the processing of your personal data. To conduct operations within our Service, we ask you to provide certain personal information. We commit to take care of the security of this data and make every effort to protect it. Your personal data will be stored in encrypted form and will not be disclosed or transferred to third parties except in some cases (see sections 7.3, 7.4, and 6.5 of this Agreement).

7.2 Collection of Additional Information: The Service may collect additional data about you if necessary. All information obtained in this way will be processed with confidentiality and will not be transferred to third parties except in cases described in sections 7.3, 7.4, and 6.5 of this Agreement.

7.3 Data Transmission upon Official Request: We may disclose the Customer's personal data and information about their transactions upon an official written request from law enforcement agencies, a court decision, or at our own initiative if necessary for an investigation.

7.4 Data Transmission to Electronic Settlement systеm: In some cases, the Service may provide operation details and related personal data to the Electronic Settlement systеm upon an official request if such internal investigation is required.

7.5 Data Retention: All collected data about the Customer and details of completed transactions will be stored in our database for two years from the date of the last application execution.

*We strive to ensure maximum protection of your privacy and compliance with all applicable laws and rules for personal data processing. If you have any questions regarding the privacy policy or data processing, feel free to contact us for additional information.

8. Obligations and Conditions

8.1 Electronic Agreement: The parties agree to recognize this electronic agreement as equivalent to a contract concluded in writing.

8.2 Changes to the Agreement: The Service has the right to make changes to this agreement without prior notice to the Customer, but it is obliged to publish the current version of the agreement on this page.

8.3. In the event that any provision of this Agreement is deemed unenforceable, the remaining provisions shall remain in effect.

8.4. The Customer agrees that the use of the Service after making changes to the Agreement implies acceptance of such changes.

8.5 Included Rules: This agreement includes the rules indicated in the "Site Rules" section on the website, namely:

Refund Policy Supported cryptocurrency wallet formats Number of network confirmations Replacement/changes of details on request Minimum deposit amount for cryptocurrencies Prohibited payment systems on our service Coin withdrawal on the exchange closed Card verification (instructions) Affiliate Program Terms AML Policy What is KYC and AML?

9. Resolution of Claims and Disputes

9.1 Dispute Resolution: Any disputes and disagreements arising in the process of providing services by the Service to the Customer shall be resolved through constructive negotiations between the Customer and the Service administration, based on the provisions of this agreement.

9.2 Acceptance of Claims: The Service is ready to consider any claims regarding this agreement in electronic form. The Customer can send a claim regarding the substance of the matter to the contact details provided on the Service's website.