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We have integrated payments to accounts in the Revolut payment systеm.

Currently, users of the exchanger can create pairs with Revolut in EUR for all available cryptocurrencies, stablecoins, and payment systems. To apply for a payout, you must specify the card number or IBAN.

withdrawing to revolut eur

Why First-BTC is Partnering with Revolut

  1. Lower fees: Revolut has some of the lowest fees of any online payment systеm, helping our users save money when receiving payments.
  2. Fast transfers: This makes Revolut ideal for customers who need to make fast payments.
  3. Security: Revolut offers advanced customer data security features, which First-BTC highly appreciates for the reliability of transactions and the protection of user information.

The exchange to Revolut (EUR) is already active on our website. You can start the exchange right now.

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26.03.2023, 16:16