Why is TEG/MEMO so important?

Since the deposit address for certain coins, for example, BNB, Xrp, Eos, and Xlm, is identical for all users, TEG/MEMO acts as a unique identifier. It is assigned to each account. With its help, the exchange can identify the deposit and transfer funds to your balance.

If you now have to read this text, most likely, this mistake has already been made.

The first thing to do is to calm down. The coins were not lost! But you need to perform a certain algorithm of actions to help them return. Further points:

  1. You need to record a video (10 seconds or more) from your wallet. In it, we should see this transaction in your history. The video must be of high quality. We also need to see the number and date of transactions, hash, ticket, and sender address. When shooting a video, refresh the page.
  2. Video needs to be uploaded to Google Cloud. You can learn more about how to do this here.
  3. Reset the TXid of this send. Here you can find out how to find it in your wallet and general what it is.
  4. Send our employees via chat links to google cloud and TXid.
  5. Then our manager will create a corresponding ticket to the support service of the exchange that accepts the coins. The application will be executed immediately after we receive a positive response. Important! The application will be paid at the rate that was relevant at the time the coins were credited to our wallet.

These simple steps will help us get all your coins back.

Any questions you may have, you can ask our service support specialists via online chat (icon in the lower right corner) or using [email protected].

Happy exchanges!

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28.05.2024, 17:45