Before the exchange!

Greetings, everyone! The team sincerely welcomes you to our website! We would like to draw your attention to several key aspects that every one of our clients should be familiar with.

Before creating an order, we strongly recommend that you carefully read the rules of our service to avoid possible inconveniences and misunderstandings in the future. The full information is available in the drop-down menus "Site Rules" and "Help" at the top of the website interface.

Now, let's discuss the sections that are crucial to study for smooth and enjoyable transactions:

One of the main rules when creating an order is to provide an up-to-date email address that you have full access to for sending and receiving messages.

It is essential to be particularly careful when choosing the network for receiving or sending coins to your wallet. For your convenience, we have created a section called "Supported Formats of Cryptocurrency Wallets", where you can familiarize yourself with all the available formats.

When sending coins, you should specify their exact quantity according to your order and taking into account the sending fee. Make sure to review the section "Minimum Deposit Amount for Cryptocurrencies", where the minimum allowable amounts for depositing into our wallets are listed.

Our service fixes the currency rate at the moment your coins are credited after receiving the necessary number of transaction confirmations. We want to emphasize two key factors for a successful exchange.

We would also like to note that we do not support receiving coins via smart contracts. If you send coins via a smart contract, they will be lost.

When sending coins through the networks ATOM, EOS, XRP, XLM, BEP2 to our requisites, please be sure to indicate TEG/MEMO.

We are always open to constructive dialogue and ready to listen to your feedback and suggestions for improving the quality of our service! We wish you successful exchanges!