The main purpose of the transaction confirmation procedure is to prevent the repeated spending of the same funds. After the transfer of funds by the sender, the transaction enters the network for execution, as well as inclusion in the block. In this case, transaction confirmation is usually called the process of adding a transaction to the found block.

One block includes one confirmation. After receiving your confirmation transaction, the cryptocurrency will become available for further use.

Many factors influence the speed of this process. Among them: are the speed of the Internet connection, the size of the commission indicated during the transfer, the congestion of the network itself, etc. The average transaction confirmation time is from 30 minutes to several hours. However, if the Bitcoin/altcoins network is congested, this procedure may take from 2 days to 2 weeks.

Only if a certain number of confirmations are received by the network, the withdrawal of funds will be technically possible (depending on the type of cryptocurrency credited).

We accept payments to the wallets of the WhiteBIT exchange. She set the following number of blocks required to confirm the payment:

Ticker Number of network confirmations   Ticker Number of network confirmations
ADA 100   MKR 20
AVAX 970   NEAR 3
LUNA 315   UST 315
BAND 20   NEO 3
BAT 20   OMG 20
BCH 10   SHIB 20
BNB 60   TRX 1
BSV 40   TUSD 20
SOL 4500   UNI 20
BTC 2   USDC 20
BTC BEP20 40   ETH BEP20 25
BTT 1   USDP 20
COMP 20   USDT (BEP20) 40
DAI 20   USDT (ERC20) 20
DASH 10   USDT (EOS) 330
DOGE 15   USDT (Omni) 3
DOT 20   USDT (TRC20) 20
EOS 330   VET 210
ETC 300   WAVES 90
ETH 65   XLM 1
GRT 20   XMR 10
ICX 870   XRP 1
LINK 20   XTZ 35
LTC 10   YFI 20
MANA 20   ZEC 22
MATIC (ERC20) 20   ZRX 20
MATIC (POLYGON) 500      

In the case of the number of confirmations for the DASH coin, the situation is as follows. Implemented a function called InstatSend. In this case, transactions immediately come to us. Based on experience, transactions using InstatSend are confirmed by the network in less than 2 seconds.

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