Affiliate Program Participation Policy

An affiliate program is a kind of earnings for registered users in the form of affiliate deductions from the exchanges of clients who came to us through your referral link. The rules can be found below.
  1. All registered and authorized users can participate in the affiliate program.
  2. In your profile (Personal Account-Affiliate Account) you can find a special link that you need to advertise.
  3. Affiliate program marketing is described below:
  4. Affiliate percentage of the amount of profit of the exchange office will vary depending on the total amount of exchanges of your referrals according to the following table:
    The total amount of referrals
    From, $
    The total amount of referral exchanges
    To, $
    Affiliate deductions from the amount of profit of the exchange office
    $ 0 $ 99 999 10
    $ 100 000 $ 249 999 15
    $ 250 000 $ 449 999 20
    $ 500 000 $ 999 999 25
    $ 1 000 000 $ ∞ 30
  5. Affiliate profits are withdrawn daily. The minimum amount available for withdrawal is $1.00.
Example: Suppose your affiliate percentage is 20%. If your referral exchanges 1000 Advanced Cash USD for Privat24 with us, our profit will be 0.5% of the exchange amount, i.e. — 5$. In this case, within the framework of the affiliate program, you will receive $ 1 (20% of the amount of the profit of the exchange office). There is no limit on the number of referrals. You can have dozens of referrals who regularly make exchange transactions, thereby bringing you passive income that is available for withdrawal on any day. IMPORTANT! If your referral is exchanged between payment systems of the same currency (for example EUR-EUR, USD-USD, etc.), partner reward will not be credited *, however, such operations are counted in the total amount of exchanges, thereby increasing your loyalty level according to the table. *For each such exchange you will be credited $0.01.