A few rules for the safe storage of cryptocurrencies

The question of how to properly and safely store your Bitcoins will never lose its relevance. Many users traditionally place their digital assets on various online services. However, you should not forget about the risks associated with this option. The fact is that the possibility of a hacker attack on the platform cannot be completely ruled out. In addition, there are cases when the founders of the project simply disappear along with all the savings of clients.

Secure storage basics

Experienced users recommend using offline wallets for storing Bitcoins. There are several conditions for this:
  • You need to choose the most complex password that is designed to enter your digital wallet. It is not recommended to use passwords that are set for other resources for this.
  • you should have a complex password saved on paper. If you forget it, you will lose access to your savings.
  • You must use a reliable anti-virus program on the computer on which the digital wallet is installed.
  • Special attention should be paid to the question of where to store Bitcoins if the user has a considerable amount of coins. The best solution, in this case, would be to use a computer that does not have access to the Internet.

A few more rules

Diversification by risk should be the first place for a cryptocurrency investor. In other words, you need to place assets in several virtual storages. An online wallet or mobile wallet is the best solution for short-term savings. But they should not store too large amounts. The fact is that online storages are a favorite target for attacks by hackers, and a smartphone can be lost. In this case, it is recommended to store the main amount of Bitcoins on a more secure client. The backup capability is one of the unique features of a digital wallet. In this case, the wallet file is usually stored on another computer, disk, or flash drive. Such an approach will guarantee the preservation of the user's savings even in case of loss or breakdown of the equipment on which the wallet is stored. To restore access to your coins in this case, you will need to download the client to another device and copy the wallet file. If the computer was stolen or lost, you should create a new address and transfer all the money to it. These simple rules will help you to secure your Bitcoins as much as possible.