The exchange is completed, but I can't see the transaction in the block browser on the

After the exchange is completed, we will show you the page of the same name, which provides a link to the transaction in the block browser This is a confirmation that the exchange for the current request was indeed completed and we successfully transferred the coins to the address you specified. The transaction is registered in the mempool network. In some cases, it remains possible that the block browser synchronizes with the network with a certain delay. Because of this, the clients of our exchanger do not see their transactions when they click on the link. In this situation, you can view the transaction on after some time, or use one of the other block browsers: To do this, you need to copy the txid of the operation on and paste it into the search line of another block browser, which is indicated above. transaction in the block browser *Links to third-party resources and sites are provided for educational purposes only and are advisory. They are not required to be used.