What is confirmation?

As a rule, in the case of receiving cryptocurrency (coins), its new owner will not be able to start disposing of it immediately. After the transaction is completed, it will be sent to the blockchain (network) for execution, where it must be included in the block. The procedure for including a transaction in the found block is usually called a transaction confirmation. Inclusion in 1 block - 1 confirmation, when there is more than 1 such confirmation (in the case of bitcoin), the transaction can be considered confirmed. This feature was introduced to protect against repeated spending of the same coins. The appearance of the number of confirmations in the BTC network on the block explorer Blockchain.com is as follows: The traditional Bitcoin client displays the transaction as "unconfirmed" until 6 confirmations (they are 6 found blocks) are collected. Our service considers the payment accepted if the transaction receives a 2nd confirmation. If we talk about transactions that are just waiting to be included in a block, then their status will be unconfirmed and displayed using the block explorer like this: The time allotted for receiving BTC on our service is 1 day (24 hours). If the transaction receives the 2nd confirmation within 24 hours, the systеm will automatically complete the exchange. Sometimes it happens that it takes more time to receive confirmation of a transaction. In some cases, it is necessary to wait several days. Then you need to write to our technical support. After receiving confirmation, we will manually complete the exchange. *Links to third-party resources and sites are provided for educational purposes only and are advisory. They are not required to be used.