Dear Clients!

We carry out any purchases of coins and their sending using the wallets of the Whitebit exchange. Wallets of some coins may be temporarily closed on technical service. There are many reasons for this: updating the network, closing wallets in the event of a 51% attack on a particular coin, and preparing for a hard fork or halving. Our service, unfortunately, can not influence the current situation in any way.

From the technical side, the situation is as follows. You create an application and then pay. At the same time, its status will change to “Autopayment error”. The systеm sees your payment, buys the required number of coins, and the rate is fixed. But with a further request for withdrawal from the exchange, an answer appears – a wallet for technical service.

What should be done if faced with such a situation? There are 2 solutions:

  • Option 1
    We will fully refund your payment for this application. Any expenses and commissions are paid by us. Yes, it’s a problem on our end. Yes, it’s not your fault. We ask you to understand and forgive.
  • Option 2
    The coins have been purchased, the rate has already been fixed. In this case, we simply wait for the moment when the withdrawal of coins becomes available again. You will have to wait from a couple of hours to several days. Often, the Whitebit exchange writes the approximate duration of technical works. But, of course, we do not know exactly how long it will take to wait. But we can guarantee one thing – you will receive your coins in full according to the application when the withdrawal of coins becomes available!

Any of these options suits us. You choose!

Have questions for us? You can ask our support managers via e-mail [email protected] or chat (the icon is located in the lower right corner).

Happy exchanges!

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12.04.2024, 13:21