Not all exchanges support smart contracts. Usually, the platform indicates the appropriate warning next to the user’s wallet address. If you ignore it, the funds will not be credited. This is exactly the situation with the exchange on which we accept your cryptocurrency assets.

Why are smart contracts needed?

On the one hand, a smart contract is just a program code, a common application like a calculator, messenger or video game. On the other hand, a smart contract is a fundamental element of any distributed application that runs in an environment without trust and centralized authority like a website administrator or a state. That is, the smart contract executes the same program code, but this code cannot be arbitrarily changed or prevented from executing without interfering with the operation of the entire network. This is the basis for any decentralized application, especially if there is an exchange of value.

The WhiteBit exchange does not support deposit/withdrawal through the smart contract systеm. All transactions must be made via direct transfer. If you are not sure that your deposit will not be sent as part of the execution of a contract, please find out for sure before sending your deposit.

We can credit your transaction by writing a request to the Exchange. This is an additional service that will cost a certain commission from the deposit amount since to solve this situation, it is required to use the company’s auxiliary resources.

When crediting funds, a commission is charged in the amount depending on the amount of your sending. Detailed minimum deposit amounts and commissions are presented in the table. Unfortunately, we do not credit clients with crypto coins, the amount of which is less than 50 USDT in equivalent.

Deposit amount (USDT equivalent) Commission (USDT equivalent)
50-499 25
500-1999 50
>2000 100

Any transfer through a smart contract will require manual adjustments and may take up to 72 hours for the funds to eventually reach our account as a deposit.

If you are reading this text, then most likely the transaction was sent using a Smart Contract. It will take a certain algorithm of actions to help return these coins. By following a simple instruction, you can avoid losing your money.

  1. You need to drop the TXid of your submission. Here is here you can read about what it is and how to find it in your wallet.
  2. Send the name of the wallet/platform from which you withdraw funds and the TXid of your sending to the operator in the chat on the site.
  3. The operator will create a ticket to the support service of the exchange that accepted the coins, and as soon as we receive a positive response, the exchange order will be paid at the rate at the time the coins were credited to our wallet.

These simple steps will help you get your coins back.

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10.12.2022, 07:14