How to create an application on the site?

What should I do if I don’t receive a registration email or have other questions?

What should you do if you didn’t specify Teg/Memo/Message when sending?

When creating the application, there was one rate, but the amount came in a different rate. Why?

The time to pay for the application is running out, and my crypto exchange is delaying the transfer of coins. What should I do?

Amount transferred is less than the minimum deposit

Can I refuse an exchange if the application has already been paid for?

I sent the wrong amount! I sent coins for the same order and did not receive funds

How do I continue working with a ticket if I accidentally close my browser window?

How long does it take to process an application?

What should I do if I haven’t received my payment after 30 minutes?

Why was my entry deleted?

Account not verified – what does it mean?

Transferred Bitcoin to you, why is the exchange not completed?

Why was my commission charged when exchanging Bitcoin?

My transaction on the Bitcoin network has not been confirmed for a long time. I can’t wait any longer and I don’t need an exchange anymore. Can you make a return?

The exchange is completed, but I can’t see the transaction in the block browser on the

For a long time there is no confirmation of the transfer of coins to my address! Can you speed up my transaction confirmation process?

I paid for the application and transferred BTC to your address. Do I need to somehow inform you about the transfer of coins?

Can I return coins sent to a scammer’s address?

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